Members Login


Important Notice:

In accordance with the Personal Data Protection Commission's (PDPC) advisory guidelines on NRIC use, IHP Members will no longer be able to sign in to IHP’s web portal using NRIC/FIN/Passport number with effect from 1 September 2019.

If you have been logging in to the portal using your NRIC/FIN/Passport, your revised credentials will be updated as follows;

User ID : Last 4 characters of your NRIC/FIN/Passport followed by your date of birth
(E.g. if your NRIC is SXXXX567A and your date of birth is 01011970, your User ID would be: 567A01011970).
Password : Date of birth in DDMMYYYY format, or your most recent web portal password if you have recently changed it.

The abovementioned will not apply to users who are using other login credential options.